November 19, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Choice-driven Communication in Pharma

There is a lot of talk about digital transformation and 2030 strategies in pharma but I want to speak about impact and how digital is reinventing how pharma companies engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

There is a lot of talk about digital transformation and 2030 strategies in pharma but I want to speak about impact and how digital is reinventing how pharma companies engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs). In this post, I'll be noting down how I see leading pharma orgs are revolutionizing HCP engagement by tapping into the power of choice-driven communication & content. (and who doesn't like, choice - right?)

By getting strategic with relevance and personalization, pharma companies can transform HCP engagement digitally and deliver awesome value-focused content that really resonates with HCPs' needs. For clarity's sake, I define personalization as communication designed for an audience of ONE - yes ONE, not a persona, not a segment...a person!

So what's the deal with choice-driven communication? It recognizes that HCPs have diverse interests and preferences. By serving up a variety of tailored content options, you empower HCPs to pick what's most useful for their practice and professional development. This not only increases engagement but also makes HCPs feel more connected to the content.

Choice-driven content focuses on meeting HCPs' different needs and interests, kind of like a killer digital library with only the titles you care about. With customized options, HCPs can grab the content that best speaks to them, getting them more jazzed about the info and forming a deeper connection to the brand/org providing them.

For a number of reasons leading pharma groups are shifting away from mostly in-person, one-size-fits-all info delivered solely via salespersons. Instead, they're embracing more targeted, often digital-first and even virtual approaches. This shift allows for customized content and services catered to different audiences. So whether the message is carried via offline/online modes - advanced analytics help ensure the right info reaches the right folks at the right time.

A case in point, companies like Siemens Healthineers are using both in-person (congresses) merged with digital channels to provide tailored content. This gives HCPs access to info that matches their preferred consumption style, improving their experience whilst creating a desire to engage on their terms.

To personalize content for different stakeholders, pharma companies aim for consistent, real-time digital content. Some of the most exciting choice-driven content use cases that I have worked on include content focussing on the latest trial results, packaged in such a way that it resonates with diverse groups. Some of the preferred channels to deliver this content still include in-person interactions but increasingly digital channels for wider reach and efficiency that fill the top-of-funnel awareness that feed interest for bottom-of-funnel activity thereafter.

No surprise here that Pharma leaders like Roche, with their ambitious 2030 digital strategy, use cutting-edge delivery technology to provide real-time digital content globally. This makes sure HCPs get the newest medical info tailored to their needs, helping them stay updated to make informed decisions.

Beyond the delivery, these Pharma organizations then leverage advanced analytics to guide decisions and target customers more effectively. Rather than just relying on salesperson input data, data-driven insights now power customer targeting. This enables refined messaging, personalized campaigns, and optimized content offerings that meet evolving needs.

Companies like Nestle HealthScience are using such analytics for personalized campaigns that inform channel selection decisions to ensure that campaign spend is optimized for qualitative engagement not just impressions, clicks and other vanity metrics. This data-driven approach fine-tunes content to fit HCPs' changing requirements, delivering only the most useful and valuable information to them.

The old model of synchronized content releases with field force cycles is being replaced by continuous, real-time approaches. By eliminating gaps, companies ensure stakeholders get the latest info ASAP, driving engagement and deeper relationships.

By shifting to real-time content releases, like Netflix, pharma companies ensure HCPs get 24/7 access to the newest info. This constant flow of updates can improve their knowledge and ability to respond quickly to changes.

Although I am just starting to explore the dynamics of the extended communication landscape it is apparent to me that Pharma companies recognize the importance of collaborative partnerships beyond just clinicians. Stakeholders like patients and payers play huge roles in decisions too. Engaging content and interactive digital channels encourage active involvement and feedback, fostering collaboration. This strengthens relationships and enables mutual value creation.

Smart pharma companies encourage involvement and feedback from all stakeholders, including HCPs, patients, and payers. This builds relationships and drives better insights for HCPs.

Leading groups bring together different teams, using analytics and data to understand market trends and guide strategy. By analyzing past patterns and predicting future dynamics, they can make informed choices and optimize their go-to-market approaches. This integrated ecosystem connects medical, sales, and market access teams for a cohesive approach.

Data at the end of the day enables the holders thereof to grasp market trends and plan ahead, often informing adjustments to go-to-market activities. This results in HCPs receiving the most relevant and up-to-date content, helping them stay ahead in their fields while meeting education needs. (Continuous medical education is a big topic at the moment here at Snakker™.)

As I close out these thoughts it is apparent that forward-thinking pharma companies are transforming HCP engagement through choice-driven content. Personalization, real-time delivery, advanced analytics, and collaboration boost engagement, deliver focused resources and strengthen digital relationships - that can mean only one thing for us as patients, improved healthcare outcomes! Digital all the way I say.

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