Grow your audience, your business,
and your influence

Snakker™ is a video platform made to help you grow your business, audience, revenue, sales, clicks, likes, and loves. Whatever you want to get out there, create a Snak™ in minutes, share it within seconds, and crucially: start receiving useful feedback instantly.

Three simple steps

Make your content in minutes, share it in seconds, and receive data and analytics instantly. Use responses to get to know your audience and become even more relevant to exactly what they are looking for.

1. Create

Gather the content you need to tell your story and upload this into any browser. Add Cues™ to the timeline. Tweak music, fonts, and colors.

2. Share

With the click of a button, your content will be instantly available on any social media platform
you choose.

3. Grow

Receive answers, statistics, ratings, clicks, responses, and data on how your audience responded. Use this to grow followers, likes, shares, or whatever you are after.

Your creativity is the only limit. Whether it’s an entertaining video with fun prompts, powerful interactive pitches, top-tuned webinars, educational videos with quizzes, or ratings for your services — Snakker™ makes it simple to create, share, and grow.

Our secret:
Introducing the Cue™.

Where most online content is limited to posting videos, pre-recorded presentations, or other linear media, Snakker™ is designed for interaction. Add sophisticated Cues™ to your Snak™ and engage with your audience. Pose fun questions, ask for feedback, contact details, or opinions and get everything served right back to you for review and analysis.

Our Cues™ give you unlimited possibilities:

Multiple choice


Info screen





End Split


Increase sales

Reach more people, learn more, and earn more

Any organization is fighting for their audiences’ attention. With Snakker™ you have an extra trick up your sleeve — not only when it comes to the ease of using the platform, but also the valuable data you receive when people interact with Snaks™.

In minutes, you’ll be able to create and send short, relevant, and honest presentations or movies that allow customers to view exactly what they want when they want. These Interactions keep viewers engaged — and instantly provide you with the results and analytics to fine-tune your next promotion.

Create a real following

Grow your influence, and understand your audience

Being an influencer often involves the paid advertising of the testing of products and services. Follows, likes and organic impressions are great, but what it really comes down to is the quality of your engagement rates, and sponsors use this to measure just how successful an influencer you really are.

Snakker™ is made for easy engagement. For example, if you are a cook sharing the ‘special of the day’, looking for direct input for your new menu, or even showing how to make a delicious meal in 30 minutes, Snakker™ supports direct interaction. You can create fun challenges or competitions with our quiz cue, or connect directly with your followers for private tutoring or training opportunities. This is how you make social media work for you — not the other way around.

Improve webinars and presentations

Let your audience skip to the best bits

Webinars often cover multiple topics over several hours. In reality, not every participant is interested in or has the time to sit through all of the topics discussed.

With Snakker™ simply upload your completed webinar and divide it into topics with a simple menu. To make it even better, invite your participants to engage in polls and questions along the way. In return, you’ll receive data and analytics helping you to understand your target market and their preferences —leading to new ideas on how to improve your webinar material and develop effective marketing strategies.

Small business, big advantages

Quick, easy, and authentic content

As a small business, you are more agile than the big corporations. Whatever your trade, be it pottery, painting, sculpting, or woodwork, create a following through quick and easy digital content creation. Showcase your craft, give video demonstrations, and share skills. People are looking for useful and authentic content over slick productions — ‘homemade’ is a winner.

Snakker™ lets you create great content quickly. Learn about your followers and potential customers by asking for their input, ideas, or thoughts on a topic. Take them on a journey with engaging and interactive content and receive useful data in exchange.

Time to try it out.


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