The future of lifescience content is customer driven

Snakker breathes life into your communication. Empower your team to create personalized Snaks™ which drives action, cultivates stronger relationships, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.
What is a Snak™?
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A playbook for content success

Create, Share, Learn

Snakker's platform lets users easily create, share, and improve healthcare content, making it a valuable tool for better communication in the pharmaceutical industry.
Step 01 - Create/CURATE your SNAK™


Snakker produces Snaks – which “feel” like non-linear videos, big surprise even doctors prefer video content.
Supercharge content from existing media and generate rich data by having relevant good digital conversations. With Snakker customer decisions drive data.

Step 02 - Share Your Snak™


Share your valuable content strategically on the platforms where your audience lives. Optimize spend and engagement through channel optimization to drive campaign ROI.

Step 03 - Learn from your Results


Ask engaging questions through polls, puzzles baked into video Snak content: Uncover qualitative insights in realtime. Rapid spilt testing in real time to influence campaign outcomes.

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Work 10x Faster, Lower Your Costs

Shifting from a traditional push sales approach to a self-service marketing model, Snakker navigates the challenges of increasing competition for customer attention and the growing pressure to deliver cost-effective customer engagement.

Reuse Existing Content

Reusing and recontextualize existing content, you’re not only increasing content creation velocity but also driving cost-efficiency, ensuring your messages stay fresh, relevant, and engaging for your audience.

- All your media in one place for quick access
- Be it image, video, music you can upload all.
- Teams can access all files in one place.

Customers Decide Their Journey

Deliver ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style content that puts the control in customer’s hands. Snaks™ adapt to your customers’ interests and needs. It’s not about forcing a journey; it’s about letting the customer choose their path.

- Craft personalized, interactive digital narratives
- Boost engagement with customer-driven content
- Adapt to preferences for relevance and impact

More Features
"Through Snakker, we provided a "one-stop shop" of multimedia materials to engage and interact with our HCP's. We included educational materials, access to the publication and utilized poll's to reinforce messaging and gain valuable insights from our HCPs."

Health Systems Partner


More Communication Benefits

Content creation is made relevant, fast and cost effectively with Snakker™ in addition to a host of spin-off benefits to organizational, medical and brand communication possibilities

Accelerated Content Creation

Streamline the production process, enabling local teams to create personalized and engaging digital content faster, without compromising on quality.

Data-Driven Insight

Built-in analytics feature provides real-time feedback on user interactions, allowing teams to continuously optimise content for engagement & effectiveness.

Improved Speed-to-Market

Snakker™ empowers local teams to swiftly respond to market changes & promptly deliver relevant messages, driving greater impact in the target audiences.

Cost Efficiency

By facilitating content repurposing & seamless omni-channel distribution, we helps country teams maximise their content investment & significantly reduce costs.


Sync & Link With
The Top Lifescience Platforms

Snakker leverages multiple channels, be it emails, social media platforms, messaging, digital banners, HCP portials or face-to-face e-detailer engagement - thus maximizing reach and engagement.

Feedback From Our Trusted Clients

Through Snakker, we provided a "one-stop shop" of multimedia materials to engage and interact with our HCPs.
Health Systems Partner, Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
With Snakker we were able to increase our customer engagement in the build-up to a major congress product launch. It has been a great inspiration to work with you all!
Portrait of a woman
Marketing Lead, Leading Medical Diagnostics Producer
Working with Snakker to develop our interactive CME content has been a game changer for us.
Multi-channel Manager, Leading Pharmaceutical Products
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Create relevant content fast, delivered through channel agnostic content sharing to drive deep learning of customer needs whilst driving down the cost of content production.