A playbook for content success

Create, Share, Learn

The need for increased content creation velocity is at an all time high, with complex products and information to share the lifescience community needs to have a robust content creation toolset that engages customers in new ways.

How It Works?

Its super simple to get onboard

Step 01 - Create/CURATE your SNAK™

Create using the Snakker Editor

Snakker's platform empowers users to create engaging non-linear and informative content with ease and efficiency. This creation aspect is the cornerstone of Snakker’s value proposition, offering an intuitive interface and advanced tools that enable users to craft compelling digital content, tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical and life science industry.

The ability to produce high-quality, relevant content quickly not only facilitates better communication with healthcare professionals but also ensures that critical information about treatments and drugs is disseminated accurately and effectively.

Step 02 - Share Your Snak™

Omni-channel sharing

The sharing capability of Snakker extends the value of content creation by ensuring that the right information reaches the right audience at the right time. 

By providing seamless, multi-channel distribution, Snakker ensures that critical healthcare information not only attains widespread visibility but also engages healthcare professionals in formats they prefer and on platforms they frequent.

Step 03 - Learn from your Results

Deep insight to drive outcomes

At the heart of Snakker’s platform is a robust learning component, driven by data analytics and choice-driven feedback mechanisms. 
This ongoing learning process is vital for ensuring that the content remains relevant, engaging, and impactful over time, aligning perfectly with the evolving needs and preferences of the healthcare sector.

This data-driven learning and optimisation is what truly sets Snakker apart, transforming it from a mere content creation tool into a comprehensive content intelligence platform.

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Why Lifescience customers love Snakker

Snakker works alongside the content management systems you have and superchargers your communication efforts. MLR approval in Veeva - no problem, HCP portals in Adobe Experience Manager - embed, CRM for distribution - two clicks. Snakker is the missing "choice driven" content assembler in your factory.
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"Through Snakker, we provided a "one-stop shop" of multimedia materials to engage and interact with our HCP's. We included educational materials, access to the publication and utilized poll's to reinforce messaging and gain valuable insights from our HCPs."

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Product differentiation through content

Create relevant content fast, delivered through channel agnostic content sharing to drive deep learning of customer needs whilst driving down the cost of content production.
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