Siemens Healthineers taking digital strides with Snakker.


Siemens Healthineers sought to elevate engagement and education amongst healthcare professionals in emergency departments and laboratories.

They aimed to move beyond traditional communication methods and needed an innovative approach that could effectively capture the attention and interest of a diverse professional audience spread across various countries.


Embracing the digital transformation in communication, Siemens Healthineers launched an Interactive Snakker Pilot Campaign in FY2023.

This pioneering campaign focused on harnessing the power of interactivity to spark audience interest, leveraging a variety of channels such as targeted emails, dynamic landing pages, organic social media, and exhibitions. The campaign was meticulously designed with clear KPIs, including the aspiration of achieving 1,000 Snakker views and 500 website visits, with an overarching goal of increasing the membership of their first mover club.Spanning from July to November, the campaign involved crafting engaging Snaks, innovative web page Snak embeds, and compelling Snak event materials. The strategy was particularly centered on exhibitions in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, targeting lab technicians and acute care personnel with captivating interactive content.

The Snakker™ campaign marked a significant stride forward in digital engagement for Siemens Healthineers. The campaign experienced robust engagement, particularly on LinkedIn in Denmark and Norway, showcasing the effectiveness of tailored social media strategies.
The campaign successfully navigated these challenges, offering valuable insights into healthcare industry trends and social media engagement patterns. The email campaigns witnessed encouraging open rates, indicating a strong interest in the content among the target audience. The events demonstrated the potential of integrating interactive digital tools like Snakker™ with traditional exhibition formats,leading to enhanced customer interactions and a deeper understanding of audience engagement dynamics. This pioneering campaign not only achieved its set objectives but also laid a strong foundation for future marketing strategies, highlighting the importance of innovative and interactive approaches in healthcare communication.

The Siemens Healthineers Snakker™ campaign stands as a testament to the transformative power of digital tools in engaging and educating healthcare professionals, paving the way for more dynamic and effective marketing strategies in the healthcare industry.

“With Snakker we were able to increase our customer engagement in the build-up to a major congress product launch. It has been a great inspiration to work with you all!.”

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Content creation is made relevant, fast and cost effectively with Snakker™ in addition to a host of spin-off benefits to organizational, medical and brand communication possibilities:
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